Contact Lens Examinations

Contact lenses are considered medical devices with varying curvatures, sizes and prescriptions.  An evaluation for contact lenses is necessary so your doctor can select the appropriate lens for your eyes.  If the contact lens you are wearing is the perfect fit, then you should not have discomfort, irritation or redness.  The right contact lens will not compromise the integrity of your cornea or eye health. The contact lens evaluation can be completed along with your comprehensive eye exam.  Just let us know when you’re booking your appointment so that we can reserve the right amount of time just for you.  If you are a first-time wearer, an in-office training on the application and removal of contact lenses, education, and proper cleaning regimen will be provided.

Dr. Cheung is extremely knowledgeable in all of the latest contact lens options including daily disposable, astigmatism, multi-focal, scleral and rigid gas permeable (hard) contacts.  It is very convenient to order contacts lenses through the Optic Gallery Sahara office.  Most contact lenses arrive at our location within one business day of ordering them.  If you prefer to have them delivered, your contact lenses can be delivered to your home or work at no charge with the purchase of a year supply.  Call our office at 702-876-2020 if you have any questions about contact lenses or to schedule an appointment today.

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